Ukrainian Cookbooks Are The Best!

Having published many Ukrainian fundraising cookbooks over the years, one thing that always shines through is the enthusiasm they retain for their culture. Whether it is for a dance group or a home-coming, Ukrainian cookbooks are not only filled with yummy recipes, but also traditions and menus for specific occasions. There will often be separate sections dedicated to Christmas and Easter traditions and food, including instructions and diagrams on how to braid Paska and decorate eggs, the 12 dishes for Christmas Eve, including explanations for each course and even traditional wedding feasts. Ukrainian cookbooks come alive with the bright colors of the dance groups, the traditional dress and embroidery and the vibrant Easter eggs.

At Gateway Rasmussen – The Cookbook Printer the key word is “custom.” Everything about your cookbook will be your own. History pages, photographs, stories and anecdotes all combine with your recipes to make something unique and totally your own. We are here to help you every step of the way. Your cookbook will be your best fundraiser ever!

Make 2020 the year you bring your traditions to life! A custom cookbook from Gateway Rasmussen is fast, easy and profitable. Call 1-800-665-4878 for a free kit or go to and get started today!

Yummy Borscht!!!
49927177 – three girls in folk costumes dancing the dance of central ukraine “bulba” (potato)