Need Ideas On How to Sell Fundraising Cookbooks?

The Creston Valley Minor Hockey Association did everything right and that’s how they’ve raised $10,000!

What did they do? They

1. Collected recipes from team members, coaching staff and families

2. Included team photos and candid shots from games

3. Included cute quotes from their players as to why they like playing hockey. (Since this is the Junior Novice Division – some of these are priceless).

All of these personal touches are what customers love about custom cookbooks – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – anyone who knows the kids, will buy a cookbook to support the team and have a keepsake. People know how important it is to support these activities in their community.

On top of all of that – they had team members come out and help sell their cookbooks at a local supermarket. Who could resist their bright display and team members in uniform? This is how you reach your fundraising goals – teamwork. Spreading the word through social media can be the start, but there’s nothing like making your cookbooks visible and easily accessible in your community. The easier you make it for people to buy your cookbook, the more books you’ll sell.

kids selling cookbooks

Gateway Rasmussen has over 50 years’ experience in producing fundraising cookbooks. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Get everyone in your group involved – encourage each person to submit a few favorite recipes. Everyone loves to see their name in print – if they’re in the book, they’ll buy a copy.

2. Give people short deadlines to submit their recipes (say 2 weeks) and send out a reminder. Convince them that they don’t want to feel left out – the cookbook won’t be the same without them. Gateway Rasmussen has marketing tools they can provide you with to help promote your request for recipes.

3.  Personalize your cookbook as much as possible. Include group photos, quotes, funny stories – whatever makes your club or organization unique. And don’t forget – Gateway Rasmussen can design a custom cookbook cover for you – for FREE – how great is that?

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